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The Moshi monsters cheats are developed to help the users to hack the accounts of the website Moshi monsters. This is a website which has been developed for children aged between 6 and 14. This website already has over 80 million users who have registered so far. This website is active in over 150 countries. The players have to choose a pet of their own, and then they have to name, it and nurture it. They have six choices namely Furi, Zommer, Diavlo, Katsuma, Luvli, and poppet. The players can also customize their pets, and then roam about in the virtual city of Monstro. They can also take, and solve the daily puzzles, and challenges, and by doing so, they can earn ‘Rox’, which is the virtual currency active in this website. They can also play games, communicate with other players on this website, and customize their rooms, and all of these are done in a safe environment. But some of the children may find this game to be a bit tough. So we have published the new set of Moshi monster codes.


Moshi Monsters Cheats

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These codes are generally given away with different Moshi monsters merchandise, but now you can get these codes for free. There are a lot of Moshi monsters code available on this website. All of these codes will work every time that you enter them, as they are not the unique codes which will work only once. We have decided against publishing the unique Moshi monster cheats because we would not know when someone would use it and it would become useless for the rest of our users.
The Moshi monsters cheats have been developed for the Android game as well. Following the huge success that the website got, the Android version of the game was release, and we decided to put out the Moshi monster cheats for our users. These cheats have been tested on a wide range of devices, and the results are very impressive. This cheats also work as the Moshi monsters membership codes which will get the user a free membership on the Moshi monsters website. As there are a lot of codes, and cheats, we decided to put the ones which are the most popular, and would help the players the most for now. We would gradually upload more Moshi monster cheats.


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The Moshi monster cheats that you can use as secret codes are:

  • YAAARGH for Port hole window
  • WELOVESLOPCORN for bop corn seeds which are pops
  • WHEEEE for the mini rollercoaster
  • MOSHISLUSH for the slush machine
  • COLLIDE can be used to get 100 Rox
  • GROSS for sludge fudge
  • BUSTERCODE for 200 Rox

Apart from these there are a lot of other codes, however these are separate from the Moshi monsters free membership cheat codes.

  • MOSHI310 for Cuddly big ball Jim
  • SUNNYTWEET for cuddly ecto
  • 2COOL4SCHOOL for cuddly peppy
  • SWASHBUCKLER33 for cuddly pirate
  • TYRA2222 for snowy furi
  • TURTL3 for cuddly shelby